Special Edition – Sub-State Region Maps for the U.S. - Part 2 - Regional Community Development News – March 28, 2011 [regions_work]

State Maps with Regional Councils and Alternatives
by Census Regions and Divisions - Part 2

Part 1

6. East North Central Division -Midwest Region

27. Michigan

Michigan Association of Regions


28. Ohio

Ohio Association of Regional Councils


Greater regional pattern can be seen with Ohio Area Agencies on Aging


29. Indiana

Indiana Association of Regional Councils


Indiana MPO Council – MPOs fill center – data regions can be used for balance


30. Illinois

Illinois Association of Regional Councils


Greater regional pattern can be seen with Illinois DOT Regions and Distiricts


31. Wisconsin

Association of Wisconsin Regional Planning Commissions (AWRPC)


Wisconsin Department of Commerce - Regional Planning Commissions


7. West North Central Division -Midwest Region

32. Minnesota

1 Northwest Regional Development Commission

2 Headwater Regional Development Commission

3 Arrowhead Regional Development Commission

4 West Central Initiative

5 Development Commission

6 E Mid-Minnesota Regional Development Commission

6W Upper Minnesota Valley Regional Development Commission

7E East Central Regional Development Commission

7W Economic Development Region 7W

8 Southwest Regional Development Commission

9 Development Commission

10 Southeast Economic Development & Planning Region 10 - no organization

11 Metropolitan Council

Map at Minnesota Department of Transportation - Transportation Planning Partners

Minnesota Metropolitan and Regional Planning Organizations


Minnesota Regional Development Commissions


33. North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Commerce Regional Councils

1 Tri County Regional Development Association

2 Souris Basin Planning Council

3 North Central Planning Council

4 Red River Regional Council

5 Lake Agassiz Regional Council

6 South Central Dakota Regional Council

7 Lewis and Clark Regional Development Council

8 Roosevelt-Custer Regional Council


34. South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources - listing and map link


South Dakota's nine tribal governments


35. Iowa

Area 15 Regional Planning Commission

Bi-State Regional Commission - BSRC

Chariton Valley Planning and Development Commission

East Central Intergovernmental Association - ECIA

East Central Iowa Council of Governments - ECICOG

Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments - INRCOG

Metropolitan Area Planning Agency - MAPA

MIDAS Council of Governments

North Iowa Area Council of Governments - NIACOG

Northwest Iowa Planning and Development Commission - NWIPDC

Region 6 Planning Commission

Region XII Council of Governments

Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council - SIMPCO

Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission - SEIRPC

Southern Iowa Council of Governments - SICOG

Southwest Iowa Planning Council - SWIPCO

Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission – UERPC

Iowa Association of Regional Councils


36. Nebraska

Development Districts tab at Nebraska Community & School Websites


37. Missouri

1 Boonslick Regional Planning Commission

2 Bootheel Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission

3 East-West Gateway Coordinating Council

4 Green Hills Regional Planning Commission

5 Harry S Truman Coordinating Council

6 Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission

7 Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments

8 Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments

9 Meramec Regional Planning Commission

10 Mid-America Regional Council

11 Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission

12 Mo-Kan Regional Council

13 Northeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission

14 Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments

15 Ozark Foothills Regional Planning Commission

16 Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission

17 South Central Ozark Council of Governments

18 Southeast Missouri Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission

19 Southwest Missouri Council of Governments

Missouri Association of Councils of Governments


38. Kansas

Map and History

“In 1971, an executive order laid the groundwork for the creation of additional multi- county regional planning commissions in the state by officially establishing eight planning and development regions. Since then, some of these regional organizations have disbanded.”

Source: pgs. 10 - 11 “Directory of Planning Agencies U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7 - IOWA, KANSAS, MISSOURI, & NEBRASKA - Last Updated: June 2008”


1 Northwest Kansas Planning and Development Commission

2a North Central Regional Planning Commission

2b Flint Hills Regional Council

3 Data region

4 Mo-Kan Regional Council

5 Mid-America Regional Council

6 Great Plains Development Inc. - Southwest Region

7 South Central Kansas Economic Development District

8 Southeast Kansas Prosperity Foundation

Note: Map modified to include Flint Hills Regional Council

8. Mountain Division – West Region

39. Montana

Workforce Regions are based on Montana Association of Counties Districts



40. Wyoming

Wyoming Department of Employment, Research & Planning


Wyoming Economic Development Association – no map


41. Idaho

Economic Development Districts of Idaho, Inc.


1 Panhandle Area Council (PAC)

2 Clearwater Economic Development Association (CEDA)

3 Sage Community Resources, Inc.

4 Region IV Development Association, Inc. (RIVDA)

5 Southeast Idaho Council of Governments (SICOG)

6 East Central Idaho Planning and Development Agency

42. Nevada

Only multi-county map from NV Energy - a private company


Nevada districts/regions include parts of counties. Nevada Tourism - Territory map follows:


43. Utah

Map and links.


44. Colorado



1 - Northeastern Colorado Association of Local Governments

2 - North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization

3 - Denver Regional Council of Governments

4 - Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments

5 - East Central Council of Local Governments

6 - Southeast Colorado Enterprise

7 - Pueblo Area Council of Governments

8 - San Luis Valley Development Resources Group, Inc.

9 - Economic Development District of SW Colorado, Inc.

10 - League for Economic Assistance & Planning, Inc.

11 - Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado

12 - Northwest Colorado Council of Governments

13 - Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments

14 - South Central Council of Governments

Links to regions


45. New Mexico

PDF brochure with state map at New Mexico Association of Regional Councils


Regional Planning Districts/Councils of Governments

1 Northwest New Mexico Council of Governments

2 North Central NM Economic Development District

3 Mid Region Council of Governments

4 Eastern Plains Council of Governments

5 Southwest Council of Governments

6 Southeastern NM Economic Development District

7 South Central Council of Governments

Links to regions


46. Arizona

Central Arizona Association of Governments (CAAG)

Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)

Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG)

Pima Association of Governments (PAG)

South Eastern Arizona Governments Organization (SEAGO)

Western Arizona Council of Governments (WACOG)

Map and Links


9. Pacific Division – West Region

47. Alaska

Map and links to regions: http://www.dec.state.ak.us/SPAR/perp/permits_new/other_ancla.htm

1. Anchorage Economic Development Corporation

2. Bering Strait Development Council

3. Copper Valley Development Association

4. Fairbanks North Star Borough Economic Development Commission

5. Interior Rivers Resource Conservation & Development Council

6. Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District

7. Lower Kuskokwim Economic Development Council

8. Mat-Su Resource Conservation & Development, Inc.

9. Northwest Arctic Borough Economic Development Commission

10. Prince William Sound Economic Development District

11. Southeast Conference

12. Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference

Map and links to regions: http://www.commerce.state.ak.us/ded/dev/ardor/ardor.htm

48. Washington

Map & links to regions


49. Oregon

Map and links to regions


Cascades West Economic Development District

CCD Business Development Corporation

Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council

Columbia-Pacific Economic Development District

Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corporation

Mid-Columbia Economic Development District

Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments

South Central Oregon Economic Development District

Northeast Oregon Economic Development District

South Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc.

Portland Regional Partners/Portland-Vancouver Economic Development District

50. California

Map of California MPOs and RTPAs PDF


Directory of California's Councils of Government (COGs) online


Map p. 48 – “California Planners' 2011 Book of Lists” – PDF


California Association of Councils of Governments - CALCOG


51. Hawaii

Counties Map - Census


County Links


What a U.S. map of Sub-State Regions might look like. This is an old graphic that was not GIS generated.

The maps and links are from my paper: "The Sub-State District/Regional Council as a Geospatial Unit of Analytical Geography for the United States" presented March 25, 2011 at the Southern Regional Science Association (SRSA) Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana

The work builds on my paper: "Global Region-builder Geo-Code Prototype" presented at Regional Studies Association, Pécs, Hungary, May 25, 2010 and 57th Annual North American meetings of the Regional Science Association International Denver, Colorado,
November 13, 2010

The PowerPoints for these presentations are at: www.slideshare.net/regional

For a copy of either or both papers send an email to: Tom.Christoffel@gmail.com

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