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1. Keller just doesn't get the concept of neighbors - Star-Telegram-com Fort Worth, TX, USA

Keller is at is again.

The ever-bickering city north of Fort Worth has decided to pick a new fight with its neighbors -- over, of all things, roads and clean air.

In a 3-2 vote this month, the City Council basically told its North Texas neighbors to take our clean-air plan and shove it.

Griping about regionalism and making fun of pollution problems, the Keller council rejected a plan to have all government agencies buy cleaner cars.

As a result, Keller risks losing $800,000 for a second turn lane on Farm Road 1709 at U.S. 377.

Stubbornness is a way of life at Keller City Hall, where some leaders have never quite accepted the arrival of the 21st century, or maybe the 20th.

Ray Brown was among the council members voting to defy regional leaders.

"I don't see where we should have to adopt a policy just because someone else wants it," Brown said Friday, neatly summarizing some Keller leaders' attitude toward regional cooperation.

"They're just trying to get a thumb on top of the cities. I don't want that."

At least 47 neighboring cities, including Fort Worth, Arlington, North Richland Hills, Hurst and Watauga, approved the agreement, which calls for cities to gradually buy government vehicles that put out 25 percent less pollution.

Keller already does that, always contentious council member Jim Carson said.

Carrie Reese is a transportation planner at the Arlington-based North Central Texas Council of Governments, …

"I'm not quite sure what their point was," she said Friday. "This is just a fleet policy."

"They've got a new city manager" -- Dan O'Leary from San Marcos -- "and some new council members," Whitley said. "I think we need to go over the plan."

Or just build a bridge over Keller.

2. City of Des Moines withdrawing from regional planning council - Highline Times - Seattle,WA,USA

The Des Moines City Council is withdrawing its membership from the Puget Sound Regional Council as of July 1.

Following a heated exchange, lawmakers voted 4-3 to withdraw from the organization that deals with transportation planning among other issues in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Councilman Scott Thomassen, Councilman Dave Kaplan, Councilman Ed Pena and Councilwoman Carmen Scott voted to end the city's membership in the regional council.

Mayor Bob Sheckler, Mayor Pro Tem Dan Sherman and Councilwoman Susan White voted for Des Moines to remain with the organization.

July 1 was selected as the date because Des Moines is involved in a passenger ferry feasibility study the regional council is conducting. That study is to be concluded in June.

"The council as a whole, the majority, felt that there was no need to participate in it because they didn't feel that there was any advantage to being a member of the Puget Sound Regional Council," Sheckler observed after the meeting.

Others, including White, said it was important for Des Moines to remain in the organization.

White is actively involved in bringing passenger ferry service to the city and serves on a regional council committee for passenger ferries.

"By being on the PSRC we have a stake at the table or say at the table regarding the development of a possible Des Moines passenger ferry."

But the majority didn't agree, arguing that withdrawing the regional council membership will not impede passenger ferries from possibly coming to Des Moines in the future.

3. Rebecca Noah Poynter: From good to great - Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA

In Collin County, we rely on the city manager form of municipal government. Our elected city councils develop policies, and our city managers implement policies. The result is that people are happy to live in our well-run cities, as evidenced by our nonstop growth.

As residents, we know the water is on, the sewer system works and trash will be picked up, and we are confident the police and fire departments will respond quickly. They work because we have professional city managers and staff who take care of these daily details.

Mike Eastland, director of the North Texas Council of Governments, calls these "the technical pieces." He has led this regional organization, which guides cities in planning, for 15 years.

What can good city governments do to be great?

Mike offers, "What we expect from our city administrators is professional day-to-day management; what we need from our elected city officials is leadership to make the best policies.

"For elected officials, being visionary and collaborative best fills their leadership roles and enables them to represent the needs and wants of the citizens in policy-making," he says.

The Texas City Management Association named Plano's City Council "Council of the Year," based on criteria that included "functions well as a policy-making body."

The Plano City Council House Rules of Conduct, which guide collaboration, include "respect the other person, the community and the council body," and "once a decision is made, the discussion ends."

Since council members may change every few years, the more quickly elected officials focus on collaboration, the faster they can provide visionary leadership for their cities.

It is also the long-time professional city managers of Richardson (partially in Collin County), Plano, Allen and Frisco who contribute substantially to the stability and success of our cities.

4. New regional group to promote environmentally friendly development

Washington Business Journal – Washington, D.C.

Two governors, three members of the U.S. House, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and business leaders announced on Tuesday the creation of a regional group aimed at growing a globally competitive economy from the northern end of Maryland to the Southern end of Virginia.

Termed the Chesapeake Crescent, the organization will try to get local governments and industries to coalesce around sustainable development, innovation and environmental preservation. Its founders, former America Online executive George Vradenburg and Herb Miller, CEO of Western Development Corp., announced at the Capitol that the organization would work with the many local jurisdictions -- which often compete with each other for tax dollars, residents and even staff -- to cooperate on matters of regional importance.

"We're hear to make you successful, and that's our goal," Miller said.

Instituting energy efficient building codes and procuring government contracts for hybrid vehicles were among the ideas Vradenburg mentioned as possible ways to grow regional, environmentally minded industries. Miller introduced five staff members and said the organization would have a 15-person steering committee and is busy creating a board.

Both founders have money available for the cause, and a planning document for the organization says $1.3 million is being raised to "catalyze" its work.

Although it has a wider geographic base than other regional groups, the mission of the new entity overlaps with that of organizations like the Greater Washington Board of Trade. Vradenburg, however, announced that Jim Dinegar, the Board of Trade's president and CEO, is a likely board member for the Chesapeake Crescent.

Dinegar said he believes the Chesapeake Crescent would bring new value through a wider geographic scope.

"I think there's a place for it," he said.

RCs Map: Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Areas .

5. Counties seek 911 funding analysis - Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal - Tupelo,MS,USA

Behind possibly the best-known telephone number - 911 - lurks a menacing problem for those who answer the calls.


Across Northeast Mississippi, and the entire state, counties that run 911 call centers - called Public Safety Answering Point Centers, or PSAPs - have struggled financially. Not only are operating costs higher, the revenue stream is dwindling in large part because of the growing use of cell phones.

The situation, which seems to worsen each year, has forced many local governments to pony up hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional funds to keep these centers afloat.

"Every county ... has their own 911 system, and some counties have to subsidize it out of their general funds as much as 50 percent of the cost," said Randy Kelley, executive director of the Three Rivers Planning and Development District.

District officials recently met with representatives from several NeMiss counties to discuss the issue.

Last week, Kelley asked the eight boards of supervisors in his district to sign a resolution urging the Legislature to create a committee to study the situation and also create a statewide E911 system.

Supervisors from Lee and Chickasaw counties signed the resolution Tuesday. Others either have signed it or are expected to do so soon.

The resolution has the support of the Mississippi Association of Supervisors. Joel Yelverton, the association's assistant executive director, said the funding squeeze threatens every county in the state.

"We all agree that the Legislature needs to look at 911, and look at plight of declining resources," Yelverton said.

In the beginning

When the state first passed legislation for 911 in the late 1980s, it made sure the program would pay for itself through telephone charges. Residential land lines were billed $1 per month; business lines $2 per month. Money went to each county's PSAP.

6. Financial nausea Tallahassee Democrat - Tallahassee,FL,USA

Downturn underscores need for diversification

It's the influenza season, and several community agencies and business representatives Wednesday conducted a "tabletop exercise" at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital for dealing with a possible flu pandemic in North Florida.

But those in the public and private sectors are even more worried about the economic flu that's already afflicting the region and the potential for it growing worse throughout 2008.

This underscores the need for the fledgling regionalism initiative that's under way and as we've said many times in the past the urgency for economic diversification in a government-heavy regional economy.

The little bit of good news is that, in the midst of the crisis in Florida's housing market, which is one of our state's main economic engines, there are signs that public officials are listening to the concerns of the business community.

And last week in Perry, leaders from around the Big Bend discussed ways to cooperate on fire service, ecotourism and broadband Internet technology — all of which are quality-of-life and economic-development issues. Efforts like that and the Our Region Tomorrow initiative, which was begun by the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce last summer, are important in a part of the state where there's been more talk than action about regionalism.

Stay in the game

During extended downturns, it's critical for public and private partners to pay even more attention to economic-development initiatives.

In the Big Bend, all roads to significant economic growth lead to a bigger, more vibrant private sector in a region that historically has been heavily dependent on public payrolls. Government and business leaders have known that for at least 25 years, but have had only limited success in changing the equation.

7. Conference to address economic issues for region - Toledo Free Press - OH, USA

Branding Ohio as the “State of Perfect Balance” is one of the primary messages for the audience attending the 2008 State of the Region Conference ... business and civic leaders from throughout the 27-county northwest section of Ohio.

“The purpose of the conference is to create public dialogue on critical issues involving the region's economy,” said Michael Carroll, Ph.D., director of the Center for Regional Development at BGSU, ...

“We have better regional planning in Northwest Ohio than we've ever had previously,” said Carroll, citing the cooperation of various economic development and government agencies with the institutions of higher education. “Academia has played a significant role in recent years.”

... presentation, “Building a Globally Competitive Ohio Brand,” will focus on the three moments of truth for winning in economic development.

First, winning the right to compete involves attracting business to the state. The brand influence and regional benefits promote competition for sites. The local brand plays a key role in winning repeat investment as 80 percent of job creation comes from reinvestment, Burghard said.


“Branding Ohio: State of Perfect Balance,” is the strategy developed by the coalition as the marketing arm for the state's Department of Development. Ohio offers an uncompromising balance of life, with both a rewarding career and satisfying lifestyle.

“That message is striking an impressive chord with C-level executives, most of whom are socially conscious baby boomers who want to give back to society,” Burghard said. “In Ohio, that aspect of life is valued by others. It's not only about what you do for a living, but what you do outside of work.”


Northwest Ohio's region is anchored by a manufacturing base in glass, plastic, primary and fabricated metals, automotive assembly and parts production. ...

8. Southern Africa: To End Power Shortages, Region Needs to "Run While Others Walk" - Washington,USA

As southern Africa enters its second year of crippling energy shortages as accurately predicted by the Southern African Power Pool about four years ago, massive short-term projects of close to US$8 billion will need to be fast tracked over the next couple of years to get the region out of the present situation.

Electricity shortages have in recent weeks severely affected some Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states leading to scheduled and, in some cases, unscheduled power cuts.

From last year, load shedding has been introduced in countries such as Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Faced by mounting pressure from industry and domestic consumers, South Africa's power utility Eskom announced mid-January that it will discontinue electricity exports to neighbouring countries to meet local demand.

The Sunday Independent quoted Andrew Etzinger, Eskom's chief of demand side management as saying South Africa's electricity reserves had dropped during the past year from seven percent to minus 17 percent due to a decline in generation performance. Etzinger said it would take at least another seven years before the situation could get back to normal.

"The fact is in this country, for a long time we have had a surplus of electricity at a cheap price - far cheaper than in other industrial nations. So it has made sense for the giant investors, whose plant needs massive amounts of electricity, to invest here," Etzinger told the South African weekly.


South African industrialists say the power shortages are costing them billions of rands, especially the mines and smelters which consume most of the country's electricity.

Southern African countries which relied on South Africa for their energy sources have had to turn to other sources in the region. ...

9. Increasing Global Reach Requires Strong Meetings Arm - The Transnational - Brooklyn,NY,USA

The "rapid move toward globalization" is among the challenges meetings professionals expect to face in 2008, according to the annual FutureWatch survey of more than 1,600 meetings professionals issued this month by Meeting Professionals International and American Express. While globalization no doubt will complicate business for meetings professionals, devising an effective meetings management strategy that can work around the globe--not just in North America--is the challenge detailed in a new white paper issued by Advito, a consulting arm of BCD Travel.

"Although the majority of FutureWatch 2008 respondents work for organizations with operations in only one country, 20 percent expect their global reach to expand over the next year," according to the annual survey of 1,643 meetings professionals. "Companies with the widest spheres of operation are most likely to expand--57 percent of respondents in organizations with offices in six or more countries expect expansion in 2008."


This year's survey also found that city hotels are the most frequent venue choice for all types of planners--corporate, association, government and independent--in all of the geographical locales studied: United States, Canada and Europe. "Interest in resort hotels is driven primarily by corporate and independent planners, predominately in the United States. Conference centers and university settings are most likely to draw government-hosted events and are most popular in Europe."


In an unaffiliated white paper, called "The View from the Other Side of the Pond," Advito noted that "differences between countries are larger than generally acknowledged and, as a result, the strategies focusing on standardization that work well in the North American market are less effective in Europe, where regional meetings management alignment requires a focus on communications, cooperation and cost capture."


10. U.S. regional communities - sub-State, State or multi-State - in news articles. Bold font words are Google search terms. Bold italic words considered worth noting. In this and section 11, links to websites of organizations are added to the news excerpt when this is the first time an organization has been found. A goal of this newsletter is to find every regional council in the U.S. in a news story as well as recognizing other regional organizations. In most cases, where a full name is present, a Google search will quickly get one to that organization. News reports do not always get the organization name correct.

.10 We must work together to address transportation needs
Greeley Tribune - Greeley,CO,USA
While Greeley's leaders need to continue their hard work to make sure the city can attract more well-paying jobs to keep Greeley from turning into a bedroom community, it is equally important that we embrace the interconnected nature of our regional economy. …

.11 Looking regionally : Committee sends mobility authority proposal proposal to entire Quorum Court

Northwest Arkansas Times - Fayetteville,AR,USA
On Thursday, Benton County became the first body to enter into the Northwest Arkansas Regional Mobility Authority agreement. If the Washington County court approves the agreement, it would create the authority to plan and seek funding for highway and transit projects. ...

.12 A Region Stunned at Loss of Future Economic Engine Seeks to Salvage or Rethink Project

Washington Post - United States
And by slowing the paralyzing increase of traffic of the past 20 years, it would allow the region's astonishing economic growth and prosperity to continue ...

.13 Connolly: Loss of Dulles Funding 'Would be Catastrophic'
WTOP - Washington,DC,USA
The Northern Virginia Regional Commission -- which includes 14 local governments -- voted on Thursday night to urge the Federal Transit Administration to ...

.14 North Kansas City Council actions
Kansas City Star - MO,USA
Household hazardous waste: (Resolution 08-005) Authorized the city to enter into an agreement with the Mid-America Regional Council Solid Waste Management District. The one-year agreement beginning Jan. 1 cost $4,504.08, based on a rate of $0.82 per capita. It allows for access to collection sites for the disposal of household hazardous waste and to mobile site collections.

.15 Seasonal worker shortage threatens regional tourism
Boston Globe - United States
At the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority, administrator Paula Leary said she is struggling to plan summer bus schedules without knowing who will drive. The authority, which employs 30 to 40 drivers in the summer, normally hires 20 to 25 of them from Bulgaria, many on H-2B visas, she said. ...

.16 Two on a transportation life raft
Seattle Times - United States
... appointed by the three county executives; the state transportation secretary and the director of the Puget Sound Regional Council are automatic members. ...

.17 Coalition to market region to Texans
Bizjournals-com - Charlotte,NC,USA
The Dayton Development Coalition announced Thursday that it will hold an information session in San Antonio this summer aimed at marketing the Dayton region to defense contractors. ...

.18 What's hot, what's not in region's job sectors
Boston Globe - United States
Biotechnology, a sector now estimated to employ 3400 in the region, is a fast-growing field that could become the next big generator of jobs. ...

.19 Ready for regionalism - MI,USA

A second group of local leaders from Bay, Saginaw and Midland counties will begin meeting this month to focus on the region's future. The 2008 Vision TriCounty Regional Leadership Institute will have 46 participants representing the three counties. ,,,

.20 Three objectives for regional progress
Pasadena Star-News - Pasadena,CA,USA
These challenges do not begin and end at our respective city borders, and they require a regional response. In 1995, when our cities created the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, we built a strong foundation to solve these problems in a collective manner....

.21 SRI International, Shenandoah Valley Partnership and Other Partners Unveil Regional Workforce Initiative and Comprehensive Report

Earthtimes - London,UK

Shenandoah Valley leadership recognizes that the region is undergoing an economic transition that demands collaborative action to enhance the region's workforce. ...

.22 A trickle of success
San Diego Union Tribune - United States
The conservancy pitched in $2 million, and the rest came from the San Diego Association of Governments. The new path will be only about three-quarters of a

.23 Cool way to feed seniors
Cincinnati Enquirer - Cincinnati,OH,USA
Of seniors who live in the eight-county region served by Northern Kentucky Area Development District, 82 percent live in Boone, Kenton or Campbell counties. ... Boone County is first in Northern Kentucky to offer frozen meals. …

.24 Rail plans are taking a different route
Houston Chronicle - United States
Officials say that if freight traffic were removed, the right of way and the rails could be used for commuter trains to Houston. Commuter trains usually are shorter and run less often than freight trains. A 2004 study conducted for the Houston-Galveston Area Council estimated Fort Bend ridership for rail at between 7000 and 12000 per day. ...

.25 Alaska, Cascadia green building councils merge
Alaskajournal-com - Anchorage,AK,USA
“Alaska is now part of a bioregion that includes Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. This gives us the opportunity to work globally. ...

.26 Unemployment rates up in 13 regional labor markets
Detroit Free Press - United States
Seasonally unadjusted unemployment rates increased in 13 of Michigan's 17 regional labor markets in December. Total employment and labor-force levels ...

.27 Taking a step up to look at big picture
Chicago Daily Herald - Chicago,IL,USA
"Economic development for the county is more regional, whereas municipal economic development tends to be more site-specific," Aiston said. "The county is a bigger canvas, with 540 square miles, as compared to Geneva's 10 square miles. …

.28 Dog-related calls up since deadly Christmas mauling
Desert Dispatch - Barstow,CA,USA
Cronin said the county is looking for ways to involve cities in creating regionalized animal control bodies. He pooling resources within regions will ...

.29 Regional force would be cost-effective, study says
Citizens Voice - Wilkes-Barre,PA,USA
That was the conclusion Bryan D. Ross, chief of the Upper Pottsgrove police and retired chief of the Berks-Lehigh Regional Police, came to after performing ...

.30 Excessive overtriage in US trauma centers overwhelming system resources, delaying patient care

EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
... hospitals are facing ongoing shortage of on-call emergency room physicians and are in the difficult position of having to transfer patients with minor injuries to regional trauma centers for evaluation. ...

.31 Community support fulfills challenge grant from Kansas Health Foundation
Winfield Daily Courier - Winfield,KS,USA
Legacy Regional Community Foundation announces the fulfillment of two challenge grants from The Kansas Health Foundation. "Through the generosity and ...

.32 TVA Sets Power Demand Record Again
Houston Chronicle - United States
TVA spokesman Gil Francis says the new mark was set Friday morning, when the average temperature across the seven-state region hovered at a bone-chilling 17 degrees....

.33 Benefits of regionalism less tangible to many businesses
Scranton Times-Tribune - PA, USA
So, often, the impact is indirect. To Mrs. Kaiser’s studio, word of mouth is key, and she credits it for half of her customers, fostered by the community that comes with regionalism, she said.

.34 Governor, local mayors tout region as Super Bowl nears
Bizjournals-com - Charlotte,NC,USA
Janet Napolitano, Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs and Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon touted the region's tourism amenities, business climate and preparation for ...

.35 Supervisors back regional fire authority plan
San Diego Union Tribune - United States
A long-simmering plan to create a regional fire authority by consolidating the county's ragtag backcountry fire agencies moved forward ... San Diego is the only county in the state without its own fire agency.

.36 A shift to growing organically could be key to boosting economy
Baltimore Sun - United States
If you have five acres in the backyard and a Rototiller, you can make a living in organic farming, according to Luke Howard. Howard is chairman of the Maryland Agricultural Commission, …

11. Other regional community news for our Local Planet.

.10 Asia to take the lead in air cargo industry growth
The Edge Daily - Malaysia
Citing the example of the upcoming Dubai World Central integrated logistics city that would eventually link its airport, sea port and cargo terminals with ancillary residential and leisure facilities, Proffitt said it was strategically located to handle global supply chains. “Dubai can be a centre for global business as well as regionally, in particular the Arab and African nations,”...

.11 abu dhabi flying regional aerobatics flag says red bull air race chief
Al-Bawaba - Amman,Jordan
“We look forward to playing our part in Abu Dhabi’s burgeoning aerobatics portfolio, and are fully committed to the emirate as it emerges as a regional and global aerobatics capital.” ... Last Year: You Tube Video - Red Bull Air Race 2007

.12 Democracy 2.0 Davos
Globe and Mail - Canada
... Increasingly, “the people” are organizing across borders and exerting their power and influence on the global scene. This has big implications for governments. …

.13 Nation Rezoned for Development
Korea Times - South Korea

... 5+2 Super Province Initiative (SPI), an alternative development plan to replace the Roh Moo-hyun administration's balanced regional development project. ...

.14 Helsinki to study introduction of congestion charge

Helsingin Sanomat - Helsinki,Uusimaa,Finland
The issue of the use of congestion charges in the Greater Helsinki area has not been studied much. Moreover, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (YTV) reports that currently they do not have any such studies under way. ...

.15 ASEAN rights execs meet on framework of regional body
Inquirer-net – Philippines

"Among all the regions of the world, it is only Asia that does not have a regional human rights system,"…needed to be "a more active engagement in ASEAN to push for such a mechanism." …

.16 Regional airports best placed for "green approaches"
Boarding-no - Stavanger,Rogaland,Norway
European Regions Airline Association (ERA) Board members agreed unanimously last week to endorse the policy of continuous descent approaches at as many airports as possible because of the system’s beneficial effects on both the environment and flight safety. …

.17 Beijing aims to build 97 regional airports
Financial Times - London,England,UK
The Chinese government has launched an ambitious plan to build 97 regional airports by 2020 at an estimated cost of $62.5bn in ...

.18 European local, regional govts' credit quality to remain robust in 2008 - S&P - USA
Ratings Services said the European local and regional governments (LRGs) are likely to see continued robust credit quality in 2008. In a report, S&P said almost 80 pct of the European LRG ratings are investment grade, attesting to the sector's healthy credit quality. All of the speculative-grade entities are located in Central and Eastern Europe, primarily in Russia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine, it added....

.19 Sustainable energy a keystone for local development, Hübner tells conference in Southern Italy

HULIQ - Hickory,NC,USA
Italy's allocation of European Regional Development Fund investment for renewable energy sources and energy efficiency is the highest in the EU for the ...

.20 Implications of the Economic Partnership Agreement
Jamaica Gleaner - Kingston,Jamaica

The Cariforum-EC Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) is more than just a trade agreement: its scope embraces many subjects that have up to now been solely or mainly within national and regional jurisdiction.

.21 Singapore beefs up its position as regional aviation hub
Xinhua - China
Changi Airport Terminal 3 into operation and received the second superjumbo A380. These have enabled the city state to stand in a stronger position to consolidate its status as a regional aviation hub. ...

.22 Stock market growth requires regional co-operation
Vietnam Economic Times - Hanoi,Vietnam
the nation’s stock markets would need to be improved based on perspectives of regional integration and through diversification of financial products and services to facilitate cross-border investment. ...

.23 Cooperation is key to helping Mekong region
China Daily - China
Last Wednesday, Japan hosted a ministerial meeting in Tokyo with the foreign ministers of five Mekong region countries (Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia). ...

.24 Regional economic development agency looking five years into the future
Cape Breton Post - Cape Breton,Nova Scotia,Canada
The Strait-Highlands Regional Development Agency ...
a request for proposals for a new five-year strategic economic plan.... The most recent formal plan was completed in 1994. ...

.25 Region plans upcoming ban on plastic bags for organics, leaf-yard waste collections

Welland Tribune - Ontario, Canada
People can use certified bags clearly marked with the compostable logo, which can be viewed on the region’s website at by clicking on the garbage and recycling link. ...

.26 Sovereignty Through Decentralization
Foreign Policy In Focus - USA

Consider the United States, a nation formed by federalism or decentralization, a central feature of the Constitution that limits the national government in favor of local and state governments. This example underscores decentralization as a potential means of conflict resolution by providing autonomy to sub-regions, which can have a stabilizing effect. This essay explains why decentralization of development, if well negotiated and strategically implemented among the people in most need in Palestine, Iraq, and the Western Sahara, will build essential conditions for ending these regional conflicts. …

.27 Top Tips for Getting a One Team Spirit with Regionally Disparate Departments

PRLog.Org (press release) - Bucuresti,Romania
Does your organisation suffer from having too many staff located in a number of different locations? Here are some of our top tips for creating top teams across different geographic locations. ...

.28 Regional Development Assistant
Third Sector (registration) - London,UK
A vital source of ongoing support, you will help our Regional Development team capitalise upon every opportunity to raise funds and awareness – focusing on ...

12. Blogs

.10 237 - Regionalism and Religiosity

Strange Maps
Cuius Regio, Eius Religio - this Latin saying applies to Europe, and to the principle that ended religious warfare: "Whose region (it is), whose religion (shall predominate)". But it sprang to mind when seeing this map of the US, ...

.11 First issue: International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development

By Ian(Ian)
The first issue of International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development has just been published. The journal covers the regional dimensions of innovation and development. Due to the acceleration of technological development ... There is a free download of the papers from this issue.

.12 Index: Long Island Needs to Look Downtown for Solutions
Mobilizing the Region - By Michelle Ernst
More than one-third of Long Island residents would trade their single-family home for an apartment, condo or townhouse, according to the Long Island Index released this week by the Rauch Foundation. The 80-page report examines economic, population, housing, environmental, and other trends in Nassau and Suffolk counties, and finds that Long Island’s dependence on traditional suburban development patterns can be blamed for many of the region’s most pressing problems…

.13 Barnstable County’s new frontier; Regionalization
By displacedkanaka
If the 15 Cape Communities were to regionalize, the method should not be through the Cape Cod Commission, but a restructured Barnstable County Selectmen/Councilor Association. …

.14 Regional Prosperity: Leveling The Economic Playing Field, Part II
By Jim Giombetti
Committed regional leadership can overcome institutional fragmentation, build community capacity, improve public-sector service delivery and attract private investment through the regional deployment of low cost technology ...

.15 Regionalism At Its Best
By cvarley
Jim and I have been discussing (both on- and off-line) the nature of regionalism and the need for rust belt cities to think beyond state borders. While just getting it’s sea (lake? river?) legs, GLUE looks to be an excellent vehicle for ...

.16 Climate risk management training in Asia
By Cliff Figallo(Cliff Figallo)
It builds upon the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center's two decades of experience in disaster management, facilitating regional cooperation and building capacities of disaster management institutions at all government levels, ...

.17 When The Great Lakes Compact Bill Is Rolled Out, Look For The WMC's Fingerprints

By James Rowen(James Rowen)
Too much regionalism. The WMC called for the weakening or elimination of many key Compact provisions - - even though major changes to the Compact void its application in an eight-state region and put the Great Lakes at risk - - from ...

.18 Imagining Philadelphia in Center City
By mgolas
One representative from a regionalism table echoed Green’s points, stating that “we need to stop the avalanche of negativity” that has assaulted the city of Philadelphia. ... Another regionalism representative suggested “a regional workforce development program and training for future plumbers in green trade practices.”...

.19 Regionalism, chili tonight in Price Hill
The discussion of a regional vision for Cincinnati continues tonight on the City's West Side. Agenda 360 is holding its next public engagement session at Price Hill Chili, ...

.20 Disability Law

At least in my region of Florida it is very true or I would not be writing this. It is unfortunate, but section 504 is alive and in our face. ...

.21 Regional Conference on Ending Homelessness to be held February 5 in Portsmouth
This event is sponsored by the Southside Regional Mayors/Chair Homeless Taskforce consisting of the cities of Chesapeake, Franklin, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach. …

.22 Abolish the RPS - Part 2
By Paul Hammond(Paul Hammond)
Nevertheless regional cooperation shouldn't be an unattainable goal simply because it is difficult. Sometime only difficult things are worth doing. "ADA is a national law now for good reason". (SB) This is an example of my "rhetoric" ...

.23 Regional Homelessness on the Rise
By Paradox13VA(Paradox13VA)
Organizers at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, who expect to release results of the survey in June, said they will be studying the information for insights into the effects of the troubled housing market. ...

.24 Geopolitics and Hegemony

The Agonist

It's been a long time since I've read an article on geopolitics in the mainstream media that kept me both interested and fascinated. But this essay, "Waving Goodbye to Hegemony" by Parag Khanna has done both and more. …

.25 Nominate Your Favorite Geotourism Changemaker
Join National Geographic and Ashoka's Changemakers in the global search for the most innovative ways to demonstrate and advance geotourism, defined as "tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place – its ...

.26 Study Names Three ‘Most Successful’ Ski Regions in the Alps
Ski Rebel Magazine - Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
An annual study by the Swiss research institute ‘BAK Basel Economics’ has placed arrived at the Austrian ski region of Kleinwalsertal at the top of a league ...

.27 ICT Hubs and Super Regions
By admin
In 2006, GMA unveiled the concept of "super regions" to bring opportunities and synergies among logically designated regions. The regions are Northern Luzon Agribusiness Quadrangle, Luzon Urban Beltway, Central Philippines, ...

.28 Consultant Offers Recommendations on Southern California Regional Airport Authority's Future
By Benet Wilson

RRM's report came up with four recommendations: embrace full regionalization, targeted regionalization, facilitated regionalization and disbanding. You can see the complete results here. RRM created an online survey with 31 questions. ...

.29 Hubbert’s cliff
By gigantichound
Geopolitical positive feedback-loops … do not act like logistic curves. They are positive feedback loops that are both self-intensifying and intensified by geologically-driven declines in production. While the geologically-dictated ...

.30 Bamboo introduced in Benguet as carbon sequester, income booster
By Glenrose
... Center of Excellence for Regional Cooperation (CERC) and the Cordillera Bamboo Development (CORBAMDEV) to implement the Bamboo for Life Project, in undertaking advocacy, propagation and likewise for commercialization purposes. ...

13. Announcements and Regional Links

.10 Clean-Water Land Use: Connecting Scale and Function

Social Science Research Network

Abstract: Land use and land development adversely affect water quality in many substantial ways. The current land use regulatory system is blamed for its failure to plan and regulate to protect water quality and watershed health, and a frequent suggestion is to move authority for land use planning and regulation to larger ecologically-based scales, such as watersheds, or to regional, state, or national agencies that can act on a watershed scale.

Note: From this page, there is a link to other papers by the author, Professor Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Boehl Chair in Property & Land Use, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, Wilson W. Wyatt Hall, University of Louisville who submitted this for the benefit of RCD News readers and to make all aware of the Social Science Research Network resources.

.11 America's Promise Alliance - Regional Forums Recap

America’s Promise Alliance conducted two regional forums in 2007 in Houston, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. The purpose of the forums was to help communities reach more young people with more of the Five Promises—the fundamental resources young people need to succeed. A major focus for both of the forums was mobilizing communities and states to address the high school dropout crisis and increase graduation rates.

.12 Regional Studies Association Events Programme 2008

February 2008 - 22nd-23rd - Corvinus University of Budapest

Regional Leadership in European Peripheries Research Network - International Seminar, Contesting Regional Peripherality Through Leadership: Central European Experience

May 2008 - 27th-29th - University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic

RSA Annual International Conference

Regions: The Dilemmas of Integration and Competition

14. Subscription

.10 Odd way to treat a customer - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (subscription) - Milwaukee,WI,USA

Another week, another suburb getting hassled by Milwaukee over water. This time, it's what may be the friendliest part of Waukesha County.

Could it be that Menomonee Falls was asking for it?

Not as far as Rick Rechlicz, the village president, knows. "It's not as if they warned us," he said after a Milwaukee Common Council committee made trouble about renewing the Falls' 10-year deal to buy water. He was utterly ambushed by the attitude.

The Milwaukeeans grumbled an old litany: Suburbs lure people, they keep them out, they're not building light rail, they're too sprawled for light rail to work, the 'burbs get water, the city gets squat.

Well, formally, the city gets money: Menomonee Falls pays millions for the water. Informally, the village has been cooperative with Milwaukee. Rechlicz says he's found Mayor Tom Barrett, who favors the deal, a good neighbor.

Besides, it's not as if Menomonee Falls is exactly Snootville. It has small houses along with big ones. It has apartments.

The aldermen's other complaint was that Menomonee Falls didn't chip in to save a bus line from Milwaukee. True, though Milwaukee and Waukesha counties, which actually run transit, weren't inclined to keep the 70-rider-a-day line that was already costing taxpayers $15 a ride. For that price, you could have put the passengers in taxis if you felt it was the village's duty to subsidize commutes.

That seems to be what some of the aldermen feel. It's a reminder that some want to transform suburbs and think water is the lever to do it: Suburbs either must become more city-like - and so less attractive to people dissatisfied with the city - or must hand over revenue to the city so it can maintain its ways even after its taxpayers leave. Otherwise, the spigot gets shut off.

.11 Geopolitics - Taylor & Francis Journals

The study of geopolitics has undergone a major renaissance during the past decade. Addressing a gap in the in the published periodical literature, this journal seeks to explore the theoretical implications of contemporary geopolitics and geopolitical change with particular reference to territorial problems and issues of state sovereignty . Multidisciplinary in its scope, Geopolitics includes all aspects of the social sciences with particular emphasis on political geography, international relations, the territorial aspects of political science and international law. The journal seeks to maintain a healthy balance between systemic and regional analysis.

Geopolitics publishes quarterly and includes one theme issue per year. Review essays that focus on the works of seminal geopolitics studies, as well as contemporary foreign policy practitioners whose policies have influenced the changing world map of the past two decades will also be published.

15. Google News for “Regional Community”

Other menu sections available from this link include: regions, regional, regional community, region, Regional Council, regional development and other search terms. They can be sorted by date or relevance. These are among the 50 search terms I use to produce this newsletter.

My name is Tom Christoffel. I've worked in the field of intergovernmental cooperation since 1973. As a consequence, "I see regions work." Regional Community Development News is published weekly based on news reports as of Wednesday.

Making visible analysis and actions at multi-jurisdictional regional scales is its purpose. "Think globally, act locally" was innovative in its time. Today the local scale is often too small to address today's needs and opportunities. "Think local planet, act regionally, " is my candidate paradigm. (No one said we're only allowed one paradigm.)

We can see that “regional communities” are organized locally and now act both to avoid tragedy in the commons and gain benefits. An effective multi-jurisdictional regional community has DNA: it is geographically Defined; has a common Name and its Alignment is inclusive of smaller communities and participatory in larger communities. So, by scanning this compilation, reading articles and checking organizations - you too will be able to see the regional communities that already exist.

News references are found using the Google News search service. Media article links are “fair use” to transform globally scattered reports to make regional approaches visible. Links go to the publisher and do not compete with it. Such publishers are likely to have related stories and thus be seen by new customers. “Regional” is an emerging news category. There is no charge for this service and no profit is made from its use, though any user can become more aware of the topic itself.

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