Global Geocode Library Use Organizes U.S. State Wikipedia Pages Geographically -

The Global Geocodes are designed to work at subnational levels. Here, for the United States, the nation code 5140 has added to it a two digit decimal number. Like the global codes, codes are assigned using the directional path North to South, then East to West (NSEW).  U.S. Census Bureau defined regions are the base, with Maine being 5140.01. See map below.

The library function here organizes Wikipedia pages geographically. The codes can be used as well for data aggregation by region and related analyses.

Geocode Nation/State Geocode Library Use Organizes State Wikipedia Pages Geographically within Census /Region Census Region
5140.00 United States of America
5140.01 Maine Northeast
5140.02 New Hampshire Northeast
5140.03 Vermont Northeast
5140.04 Massachusetts Northeast
5140.05 Rhode Island Northeast
5140.06 Connecticut Northeast
5140.07 New York Northeast
5140.08 New Jersey Northeast
5140.09 Pennsylvania Northeast
5140.10 Delaware South
5140.11 Maryland South
5140.12 District of Columbia South
5140.13 Virginia South
5140.14 West Virginia South
5140.15 North Carolina South
5140.16 South Carolina South
5140.17 Georgia South
5140.18 Florida South
5140.19 Kentucky South
5140.20 Tennessee South
5140.21 Alabama South
5140.22 Mississippi South
5140.23 Louisiana South
5140.24 Arkansas South
5140.24 Oklahoma South
5140.26 Texas South
5140.27 Michigan Midwest
5140.28 Ohio Midwest
5140.29 Indiana Midwest
5140.30 Illinois Midwest
5140.31 Wisconsin Midwest
5140.32 Minnesota Midwest
5140.33 North Dakota Midwest
5140.34 South Dakota Midwest
5140.35 Iowa Midwest
5140.36 Nebraska Midwest
5140.37 Missouri Midwest
5140.38 Kansas Midwest
5140.39 Montana West
5140.40 Wyoming West
5140.41 Idaho West
5140.42 Nevada West
5140.43 Utah West
5140.44 Colorado West
5140.45 New Mexico West
5140.46 Arizona West
5140.47 Alaska West
5140.48 Washington West
5140.49 Oregon West
5140.50 California West
5140.51 Hawaii West

The jump from Texas to Michigan may seem severe, but an analyst can handle it.  

Some information is in the "Geocode Introduction" sidebar. If you are interested in more information, send me an email for the current paper and related information. Tom.Christoffel (at)