Regional Community Development News - June 7, 2011

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — At Lake Tahoe, sometimes it takes three to tango.

And, with the passage of a Nevada bill to withdrawal the state from the Tahoe Regional Agency one step from passing, it could soon be up to California and the federal government to decide if they want to dance.

The Nevada Assembly approved Senate Bill 271 by a 28-14 vote ...

The measure by Sen. John Lee, D-North Las Vegas, threatens withdrawal from the Tahoe Regional Compact by 2015 unless California and the U.S. Congress agree to changes including 
ending the requirement that projects and other major decisions be approved by a majority of members from both states.

The bill also would require the agency's governing board to pass a regional plan update and consider economic conditions in the Tahoe Basin when amending the plan.

The legislation is before Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, who can sign or veto the bill. If he does nothing, the bill becomes law in ten days.

NORFOLK -- If you were to ask people from out of state, what is Hampton Roads, how well could they answer?

There is new effort to better define and promote this area to help make its mark on the national map.

More than 50 local businesses and organizations are coming together to push regionalism. Supporters will attend the inaugural Hampton Roads Gala on Tuesday, June 14th at Chrysler Hall.

The idea is the brainchild of Hampton Roads Live Network President Chance Wilson, who thought the region needed to better brand itself in order to attract new businesses and tourists, plus give it national recognition.

"I noticed with Hampton Roads, we have tons of great events, great festivals but we don't have that series of signature events for the purpose of celebrating the region," says Wilson.

To learn more about the gala click here

DAYTON — The concept of merging Montgomery County’s 29 government jurisdictions into one, consolidated region is raising curiosity among elected officials and community leaders who are taking part in a meeting Wednesday on regionalism.

The Dayton Daily News spoke with local leaders ...

Michael Shea, a lead strategist of the “Vote for Unity” referendum campaign that won the historic merger of Louisville and Jefferson County governments will be the keynote speaker at today’s sold-out summit at the University of Dayton’s Life Long Learning Institute.

Montgomery County Commissioner Dan Foley, who invited Shea to speak, said the summit gives the Dayton region a chance to learn the benefits and challenges of a merger by looking  
through Louisville’s rear view mirror.

Foley believes the Louisville government structure — strong mayor, 26-member metro council, with suburban communities retaining some autonomy — could work here.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the creation of the Clinton County Regional Planning Commission, which was created by joint resolution of the Board of Clinton County Commissioners, City of Wilmington and each village in early 1971.

To commemorate the anniversary, the county commissioners presented a special resolution at the commission’s regularly scheduled monthly meeting. In attendance were past members and leaders to honor 40 years of regional cooperation, planning and development in Clinton County, including Ken and Cindy Schaublin — who served as the Commission’s first staff; John Blake — who served as the chair during much of the ’90s; Bob Johnson — who has been a planning commissioner every year since 1971; and Bruce Beam — a current planning commissioner whose  father served as the commission’s first chair.

AUBURNDALE | Officials with Polk Vision Inc. on Monday updated Auburndale city commissioners on a new 20-year plan and invited the city's participation.

The commission heard from Greg Littleton, Polk Vision chairman and CEO of Citizens Bank & Trust in Lake Wales, and Colleen Burton, on the organization's revised strategic plan.

Polk Vision, a 20-year planning group organized in 2003 by local business leaders, issued its first report in 2004. ...

An update for 2030 released in November retained those goals with some additional strategies, such as adequate funding for education, expanding tourism and regionalism, making intelligent growth-related decisions, broadening citizen engagement in local government, encouraging diverse revenue streams to pay for government and promoting healthy families and public safety. 

The new effort is called "Polk Vision Refreshed."

6. 42th Annual meeting of the Mid-Continent Regional Science Association - Detroit, Michigan

Editor's Report: Here in Detroit – in the SEMCOG region - Southeast Michigan Council of Governments.  SEMCOG has been an outstanding regional council for decades.  

I'm attending this meeting to present: "The Sub-State District/Regional Council as a Geospatial Unit of Analytical Geography for the United States."

This is a primary goal of the Regions-Work Initiative begun in 1998.

Key points and map links follow: 

Regional Communities - "Think Local Planet, Act Regionally."