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     Regional Community News, as it was first called, began November 11, 2003. The understanding derived from this research about the nature of regional cooperation around the world at all scales let to the understanding of the importance of community and the notion of Community Motive which was found in only one place:

“Acts of conservation without the requisite desire and skills are futile. To create these desires and skills and the community motive is the task of education.” — Aldo Leopold "Conservation: In Whole or in Part? (1944); RMG 319

     The concept of “community motive” did not take hold. It is now more important than ever, however, as the “profit motive” requires regional/greater community management at wholistic scales. Thus I've offered this paradigm for collaboration to achieve an age of human unity and cooperation:

"Acknowledge boundaries. Work across them.
 Think local planet, act regionally."

     Given the difficulties of regional planning, the work preliminary to acting regionally, it seems that the entire work of regional cooperation bodies could and should be branded collectively as the Cooperation Industry

                                     November 19, 2014

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