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Cooperation Industry - News & Thought
Recognizing the Community and Profit Motives of Industrious Humanity
Draft: September 3, 2015

“Acts of conservation without the requisite desire and skills are futile. To create these desires and skills and the community motive is the task of education.” — Aldo Leopold "Conservation: In Whole or in Part? (1944); RMG 319

"Community motive" has not been adequately recognized. The "profit motive" that works in the civil markets made possible by self-governed communities, has been made to appear as the first cause of wealth. Yet, in one's life, the most important things one does are not for profit, but for family and community, to ensure their perpetuation. Both work together now, though in the beginning, there was only community motive, since survival and perpetuation depended upon the community.

History confirms industrious human communities have survived and advanced throughout time, leading to the present world which has enormous challenges, environmental, social and economic. They require more and more, all talents and abilities of humanity to achieve balance and eliminate the waste of war.

The Cooperation Industry is inclusive of all humans and their activity, therefore it has no classification code. As a singularity, it works worldwide, still recognizing the importance of boundaries for community self-management and the organization of regional/greater communities. Those who cooperate only for the domination of others, using war and conquest, are catalysts for greater peace. To see this requires a Greater Community Spirituality, without domination of any single religious or non-religious group.

This then is a paradigm offered to Humanity as a result of years of work, practice, study and inspiration: "Cooperation Industry: Acknowledge boundaries. Work across them. Think local planet, act regionally."

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