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1. Medina leaders look at exiting NOACA - Chronicle-Telegram - Elyria, OH, USA

Last week’s controversial decision to approve an interchange at Interstate 90 off Nagel Road in Avon — and what Avon officials had to give up to get it approved — prompted Medina County commissioners to talk about withdrawing from the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordination Agency.

A Medina County commissioner said he plans to meet Thursday with Lorain County commissioners to see what the alternatives to NOACA are.

The uproar arose after officials from Cuyahoga County refused to sign off on the interchange unless Avon agreed to a revenue-sharing deal, saying they feared the interchange in the fast-growing community would hasten urban sprawl.

The deal requires Avon to send half of the income tax money collected from a business with an annual payroll of $750, 000 or more that relocates to the area around the interchange back to the community the business moved from for five years. Those terms will remain in effect for 30 years after the interchange’s construction.

Medina County Commissioner Stephen D. Hambley, who is one of Medina County’s voting members on NOACA, said he’s afraid Medina County would be next in order to receive funding for future road projects.

... abstained because he knew the resolution would pass even though Cuyahoga County used a weighted vote — meaning some of its members votes were counted more than once, which it can do because it represents the most residents among NOACA’s member counties. Those counties include Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina, Lake and Geauga counties.

… worried about the interchange vote, fearing it will be difficult for any area outside of Cuyahoga County to get any road construction project approved in the future. NOACA distributes government funding for transportation projects in the five-county area.

“This is the best example of why regionalism will never work here, ” he said. “It’s a prelude of what’s coming.”

2. Chamber sets up Denver task forces - The Birmingham News – al-com - Birmingham, AL, USA

Making good on its pledge to keep the dialogue of change going beyond the Denver trip, the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce has set up task forces to study regional collaboration, transit and economic development.

So far, about half of the more than 100 people that went on the three-day intercity leadership trip last month have signed up to participate, said Makenzi Hamilton, manager of public policy for the chamber.

Participants, which included elected leaders, business leaders and civic leaders, can volunteer to serve on any of the committees, Hamilton said. The regional collaboration task force has been the most popular by far, with about 31 volunteers, she said.

Economic development, meanwhile, has drawn 19 volunteers, and the two other groups, transit and regional planning, have attracted only a handful of participants.

Based on response, the chamber may combine some of the groups, Hamilton said, and will alert volunteers in the next week or so when the groups will begin meeting.

The trip to Denver was the chamber's sixth Birmingham Innovation Group trip. Previous trips went to St. Louis in 2002, Baltimore in 2003, Charlotte in 2004, Nashville in 2005 and Pittsburgh last year. While the chamber has held brainstorming sessions after some of the other trips, this is the first time it has set up task forces designed to meet on a regular basis.

"The real goal is to keep the interest going throughout the year, " Hamilton said. "If we have continued top-of-mind awareness of these crucial topics, it can only be beneficial."

Robert Fowler, a partner with Birmingham law firm Balch & Bingham, volunteered for the economic development task force because he thinks it will touch on all the topics addressed during the Denver trip.

"The theme everyone heard over and over in Denver was …

RC: Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham

3. Spitzer touts regional development in upstate NY - Newsday - Long Island, NY, USA

Gov. Eliot Spitzer announced Wednesday a tailored approach to revitalizing the upstate economy based on the strengths and geography of individual cities.

"We often talk about the upstate economy as if upstate was some monolithic region, but quite the opposite is true, " Spitzer said in Buffalo, where he unveiled an ambitious agenda for western New York, a region particularly hard hit by population declines troubling all of upstate.

"For the first time, a generation of upstate New Yorkers has had less economic opportunity than their parents _ and many have been forced to leave for opportunity elsewhere, " Spitzer said.

The cities-driven strategy will complement ongoing statewide initiatives focused on lowering the cost of doing business in New York and strengthening the state's infrastructure, the governor said.

"Going forward, we must not only continue to address the macro-level issues ... on a statewide level, " he said, "we must also complement this strategy with a focused effort to revitalize each region."

New "regional blueprints" will have state and local business leaders, elected officials and economic development agencies working together to set economic development priorities.

"City by City Plans, " meanwhile, will identify and provide state funding to specific projects seen as pivotal in each city.

"While each of our cities is different, they do have one thing in common, " Spitzer said. "They have all been held back by too many competing priorities. Each city has a deep well of potential that has remained untapped because of key projects that have stalled and been mired in gridlock."

In Buffalo, the long-sought development of the waterfront _ anchored by a Bass Pro store _ and construction of a new international Peace Bridge to Canada were named priorities, along with redevelopment of a Niagara Falls tourist corridor and …

4. Before we secede, let's try to get along - Creative Loafing Atlanta - Atlanta, GA, USA

Could Atlanta survive as a state? Sure. If it were just Fulton and DeKalb counties, the state of Atlanta would have 1.6 million people, larger than 15 states. Expand to the core five counties (adding on Cobb, Gwinnett and Clayton), and it would have 3.3 million people, bigger than 21 states. With the remaining counties on the Atlanta Regional Commission, you'd have a nicely compact state of 3.9 million residents that would rank No. 25 in population.

So, yes, we could make it on our own.

But if we could secede, should we? No. Georgia is better off with Atlanta, and Atlanta is better off with Georgia. Our problem isn't a lack of mutual benefit; it's an absence of ideas and understanding.

The basic problem: Regions outgrow their physical infrastructures, government arrangements and tax structures. Atlanta has crossed that point. What once worked in metro Atlanta doesn't work anymore. Our state leaders – and some of our regional ones – haven't grasped this yet.

How do we bring our political thinking in line with reality? I could trot out examples of regional governments elsewhere – Portland, Ore.'s three-county Metro Council or its counterpart in Minneapolis-St. Paul – but those would be examples of what I'd call 20th-century regionalism, which stressed getting the structures right and then figuring out what the problems are.

I suggest 21st-century regionalism, which trusts areas to make their own decisions and live with the consequences. We have examples of that in metro Atlanta with the community-improvement districts in downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, Perimeter Center and Cumberland. CIDs are agreements among commercial property owners to tax themselves for improvements that we normally think of as government work – from enhanced police protection and graffiti removal to streetscaping and road and sidewalk improvements.

RC: Atlanta Regional Commission

5. Localities join environmental movement - The Free Lance-Star - Fredericksburg, VA, USA

Government traditionally has been responsible for services such as fire and rescue, schools, recreation and trash disposal.

Increasingly, localities are tackling another issue that has long been the domain of tree-huggers and activists--cleaning up the environment.

About a dozen municipalities in Virginia, including Fairfax County and Charlottesville, are--with the backing of the Sierra Club--at the leading edge of a nationwide effort. Participants in the Cool Cities and Cool Counties initiatives, for example, pledge to cut greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Similar planning has begun in the Fredericksburg area to start addressing such topics as emissions, clean fuels and energy efficiency.

"I do believe the whole issue of global warming and climate change has become a very real problem, " said Hap Connors, a Spotsylvania County supervisor and chairman of the recently formed Regional Green Government Commission.

It's the first step in a plan that could lead to green management and purchasing in the region.

"The science indicates that [local government officials] need to do a better job of protecting our environment and promote environmentally friendly policies. As government leaders, we have an obligation to lead by example, " he said.

Connors has been looking at what other localities are doing and decided that some of the initiatives could work well here.

"We are the fourth-largest and fastest-growing region in the commonwealth, " he said. "These things can not only help the environment, but save money."

The Regional Green Government Commission will soon finalize its membership and then schedule its first meeting.

Among the first items to be done would be an inventory of just what jurisdictions are doing, said Robert Wilson, executive director of the George Washington Regional Commission, the local planning agency.


6. Regional bike trail speeds up - Boston Globe - United States

A 13-year-old vision of a bike trail stretching from New Hampshire to Boston is gaining momentum, with the recent formation of a state-level task force to advance the plan and the pending construction of initial segments of the trail.

"We've had a good year, " said Bill Steelman, director of heritage development for the Salem-based Essex National Heritage Commission, which is helping coordinate the regional trail effort.

"The idea of the Border-to-Boston trail has been around for some time, but it's been mostly relegated to lines drawn on regional maps and plans, " said Geordie Vining, project manager for the Newburyport Planning office. "There has been a lot of activity the past couple of years to try to move that idea a little bit closer toward reality."

First envisioned by area bicycle enthusiasts in 1994, the Border-to-Boston trail as planned would extend for 27.8 miles from the New Hampshire line south through Salisbury, Newburyport, Newbury, Georgetown, Boxford, Topsfield, Wenham, and into Danvers.

Most of the route would be on inactive rail bed, with the remainder on designated roads. A future goal is to extend the trail from Danvers into Boston, fulfilling its original vision.

The long-discussed project first gained traction in late 2005 with the earmarking of federal money.

The following January, a coalition was formed to promote the project, with representation from the eight communities along the trail, the Essex National Heritage Commission, National Park Service, the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, and the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission. The Park Service provided technical assistance through a grant.

Through the initiative of the coalition, all eight communities signed by the end of last year a resolution agreeing to participate in a joint planning process for the trail.

7. Real Estate Searches Influenced by Creative Communities - Realty Times - TX, USA

Savvy home buyers and astute business people, who are searching for a new neighbourhood in which to live or work, increasingly investigate artistic activity to determine the strength and vibrancy of a community.

The Canada Council for the Arts, in acknowledgment of the importance of this community-based creativity, has transformed a temporary initiative to foster artistic community collaboration into a permanent, fully-funded program. As of April 1, 2007, the Canada Council pilot project, designed to bring professional artists and the broader community together across the wide spectrum of artistic disciplines, will be renamed the Artist and Community Collaboration Program (ACCP) and will become permanently integrated into the Canada Council's regular funding programs.

ACCP offers opportunities for all regions of the country:

* to find expression through creative collaborations with leading professional artists, and

* to gain financial support for projects that connect professional artists and communities.

"Between 1991 and 2001, the number of artists in Canada has grown significantly--by 29%, " said Donna Balkan, Senior Communications Manager for the Canada Council. "In 1957, there were 4 or 5 professional theatre companies. Now, there are several hundred. Canadian artists are winning international awards. The level of artistic education in Canadian universities has risen significantly. Canada has grown as a nation."

Interest in creativity promises to grow as many Baby Boomers and their parents join a popular trend toward second careers and future lifestyles with an artistic bent. This may, in part, explain continued growth in Canada's artistic communities. Not only are there more professional artists–painters, actors, writers etc.–they are involving larger groups of "non artists" in their artistic endeavours through courses, cooperatives, festivals and other community events.

According to the 73-page report [ report ] commissioned by the Canada Council ...

8. Region becoming WIRED for job training - Meridian Star - Meridian, MS, USA

Recently Gov. Haley Barbour, and Alabama Gov. Bob Riley, announced an advanced job training program unlike any western Alabama or eastern Mississippi has seen.

Called the West Alabama, East Mississippi Alliance (WAEM), the new program will bring together eight learning institutions in the area, or region as it is referred to, in order to provide a virtual, Internet-based training system. State and college leaders from both states say this program will create a globally competitive region through the birth of an innovative, regional work force education and training system to address key skills.

“What this means to our work force in eastern Mississippi and western Alabama is much easier access to skills critical to obtaining high paying, technical jobs, ” said Barbour Monday evening at the Young Professionals of Meridian meeting. “Training the work force will only prepare them for a better career and help convince industries to call eastern Mississippi and western Alabama their home.”

The region has lost in the recent past the opportunity to lure two major automobile industry giants, Toyota and Hyundai. Barbour said this initiative will only make future industries considering placing their operations in this region of the Southeast think long and hard before moving on elsewhere.

“The reason we didn’t get Hyundai was not because of the quality of our workers but rather because of the quantity, ” Barbour said. “This program will increase the number of tech savvy workers in this area.”

College presidents, such as Neal Morrison of Bevill State Community College, said, “With the unemployment rate in Alabama less than four percent, we must look at qualifying those who are not normally involved in hi-tech manufacturing or who cannot attend a traditional setting, as well as those graduating from our secondary school system.”

“For our region to be competitive in the world …

9. A changing WNC: The big picture - Asheville Citizen-Times - NC, USA

Anyone who has been in Western North Carolina for even a few years knows that land values are soaring dramatically as more and more people want to live in these beautiful mountains. Increasing numbers of retirees are taking up full-time residency.

Seasonal residents and tourists also are captivated by the region’s natural beauty and climate.

We also know that increasing numbers of small business owners are relocating to this area because of its high quality of life.

These trends are part of a much larger pattern of economic change that can be expected to have overriding impact on this region for the next 40 to 50 years.

Both WNC and the entire state need to develop plans to address this major change in the region’s prospects.

Most people are aware that globalization of the economy has had a major — for the most part, negative — impact on WNC.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs from North Carolina have been shipped overseas.

Furniture production and other forms of manufacturing took the brunt of this change in the economy, but globalization has had real impact in a wide range of business sectors, including high technology and farming.

‘Super-regions’ emerge

While the concept of globalization is not new, many people are not aware that globalization is only one of two important processes that will continue to restructure the economic future of the nation and region.

The other process is “regionalization.” Regionalization defines the very strong set of socioeconomic forces that are leading large geographic clusters of companies to work with each other (both competitively and cooperatively) in creating new, globally competitive ways of doing business.

These regions are not developing because of federal or state policies; they are the natural result of changes in how goods are created and how services are delivered.

10. U.S. regional communities - sub-State, State or multi-State - in news articles. Highlighted words are Google search terms. In this and the following section, links to websites of organizations are added to the news excerpt when this is the first time an organization has been found. A goal of this newsletter is to find every regional council in the U.S. in a news story. In most cases, where a full name is present a Google search will quickly get one to that organization.

.10 A test for Charlotte USA
Charlotte Observer - Charlotte, NC, USA
It is imperative that we stand together and support the city of Concord and Cabarrus County in their efforts to protect this valuable economic asset. From a regional perspective, there are no gains from intra-regional business movement. …

.11 Transportation planners embrace regionalism at annual retreat

Tallahassee Democrat – FL, USA
Big Bend officials embraced a regional approach to growth and development on Monday as the best chance to avoid a future full of traffic jams. … Capital Area Transportation Planning Agency, …

.12 Report: WSU medical school, DMC must team more for region's sake

Detroit Free Press - United States

The Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Detroit Medical Center “need to pursue more partnerships” to strengthen needed medical programs in the region, according to a report issued Monday by the Detroit Regional Chamber, Detroit Renaissance and Gov. Jennifer Granholm. …

.13 Community college gets solid backing - Erie, PA, USA
After months of often-confusing debate about whether the Erie region needs a community college, a 56-page report by consultant Sidney Bailey Hacker and a local "gaps analysis committee" concluded: Creating a regional community college is the best solution for Erie County residents....

.14 As traffic gets nastier, many of us are shifting gears
Seattle Times - United States
Larry Blain of the Puget Sound Regional Council prepared the figures on how far people drive, also known as vehicle-miles traveled. ...

.15 Toledo may increase surcharge to areas lacking long-term pact
Toledo Blade - Toledo, OH, USA
"The city of Toledo talks about regionalization, and one of the issues at the top of the table is water. "It doesn't make a lot of governmental sense for ...

.16 Regionalism focus of summit
Eufaula Tribune - Eufaula, AL, USA
"Regionalism" is the topic at this year's Southeast Alabama Economic Development Summit. The event, sponsored by Alabama Power, Southeast Alabama Gas and ...

.17 Councilman pushes regional cooperation
Scranton Times-Tribune - PA, USA
BY STACY BROWN City Councilman Robert McGoff on Monday spelled out his vision for the next four years, which includes support for regionalizing services, ...

.18 DELMARVA: $2 million committed for broadband
Delmarva Daily Times - MD, USA
The Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development along with the Maryland Technology Development Corp., the Tri-County Council of the Lower Eastern Shore and the Mid-Shore Regional Council partnered on this effort, ...

.19 SalmonPeople comes to the Oregon coast
Newport News Times - Newport, OR, USA
… Donaldson's on-stage persona, Cyrus Jackson, grabs a fat piece of charcoal and draws a map of the bioregion on a massive concrete wall, naming 100 rivers from memory. The goal of the SalmonPeople tour is to catalyze, amplify and communicate conditions for sustainable prosperity. …

.20 National Geographic speaker urges assessment, changes
Block Island Times - RI, USA
Tourtellot coined the phrase — and concept — "geotourism" in 1998: "tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of the place being visited ...

.21 Signs of hope for Route 9 cure
Boston Globe - United States
The Metropolitan Area Planning Council plans early next year to launch a $50000 study of Route 9 from the Route 128 interchange in Wellesley to the ...

.22 Suddenly, a place for visionaries
Boston Globe - United States
The Metropolitan Area Planning Council has been hired as a consultant to help Malden - a city of about 55600 residents - through the process of crafting a ...

11. Other in the news: Highlighted words are Google search terms.

.10 Impact of universities studied
The Press Association -
Researchers from 15 institutions have joined forces to build up a picture of how universities affect life in regions throughout the country. ...

.11 Pollution Cuts Life Expectancy, Threatens Child Development In Europe
Science Daily (press release) - USA
Most of the environmental pressures in the region stem from economic activities such as agriculture, tourism, transport and energy, the report says. ...

.12 Toronto, regions wait for relief
Toronto Star - Ontario, Canada
How they repay the urban regions is one of the questions to be explored during the first year of McGuinty's second term. Already, there's been speculation ...

.13 Danuta Hübner Regions and cities in the global economy: Challenges and issues for a modern regional policy

eGov monitor - London, UK
For the second consecutive time we close European Week of Regions and Cities in the Parliament. Never before that many regions and cities and so many ...

.14 Spain's regional Govt to provide fund for Varanasi's development
Hindu - Chennai, India
New Delhi (PTI): The regional government of Andalusia in southern Spain is contemplating funding of cultural and heritage development of Varanasi, one of the world's most ancient cities ...

.15 Spain's Andalucia region beckons Indian tourists
Economic Times - India
NEW DELHI: With its scenic beauty and rich cultural and natural diversity, southern Spain's Andalucia region is positioning itself as a dream destination ...

.16 City Region is the way forward
ic-Birmingham-co-uk - Birmingham, UK
City Regions, Regional Development Agencies, Government Offices for the Regions, Regional Ministers - after a time it all becomes a bit of a blur ... new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown decided to phase out one set of quangos - the Regional Assemblies - by 2010. But he also decided to give the City Region a new role - delivering on investment in key areas such as skills and transport. …

.17 "Building a new partnership between the EU and Central Asia"
Journal of Turkish Weekly - Ankara, Turkey
At the same time, it stands ready to play its part in the establishment of common positions and balanced regional cooperation arrangements. ...

.18 Migrants - the verdict: hardworking and skilled but with social problems in tow

Guardian Unlimited - UK
It revealed that in seven out of eight regions they have increased pressure on housing and more than half have seen a rise in crime, health and housing ...

.19 Countries of southeastern Europe establish a council to boost regional cooperation (Pressemitteilung) - Wien, Austria
A regional cooperation council for southeastern Europe began work Wednesday in Sarajevo, and officials said they hoped the organization would put forward a new image of the region. ...

.20 Country boom as city slickers tire of rat race
Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia
A study, commissioned by Regional Development Victoria and conducted by the University of Ballarat and ASCET Group, found 55 per cent of those who have ...

.21 Kings Dock building work racing ahead
Liverpool Daily Post - Liverpool, UK
The partnership at Kings is made up of Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Vision, national regeneration gency English Partnerships, the North West Regional Development Agency (NWDA) and the European Objective 1 programme.

.22 Districts and county begin work on creating one council
South East Northumberland - UK
As well as better services, the new council will get rid of duplication, save money, and have a better voice regionally and nationally. ...

.23 Mottley: Trade facilitators help regional economies
The Nation Newspaper - Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados
Close to 50 participants from six regional territories attended the two-day conference, which examined the new customs broker as a global proactive trade ...

.24 Scrounging regions? No, I must beg to differ
Times Online - UK
… though there are indeed two Britains, it is a more subtle story than simply a question of regions. The serious split is between cities and their affluent suburbs versus the outer towns and much of the countryside.

.25 Tech-savvy workers create data chaos in SMEs
Siliconrepublic-com - Dublin, Ireland
... leading to 'micro-silos' of isolated data. Tony Speakman, regional manager, northern Europe, FileMaker said: "This research highlights that critical information management is being seriously harmed ...

.26 Regionalized website and regionalized Google

Google Search News
Multi-region site and an international google: incompatible.? regionalized website and regionalized google.

12. Blogs: Highlighted words are Google search terms.

.10 It's the Ohio government structure, stupid
By Jill Miller Zimon
"The state should consider offering incentives to work more regionally." Replacing the current governmental structure with a leaner, regionally focused structure is a tall order, the researchers admit. But in the long run, ...

.11 Social networks and Organizational Governance
By Irving Wladawsky Berger

Increasingly, I have seen community-based efforts within companies, leveraging Internet-based collaborative platforms acting as a very effective balancing function and gear box between strategy and operations, and contributing innovations to improve both. …

.12 Regionalism is a crock
By darkmoon
When the cities can actually work together in economic deals without being at each others throats with bidding, then I'll believe that we've actually evolved into regionalism. But in its current state, regionalism is a crock.. ...

.13 Comment on Chris Thompson on regionalism by Ed Morrison
Time for some insights from Neal Pierce:. Regionalism Today: Risks, Rewards and Unresolved Questions. Also, read Myron Orfield, Metropolitics and American Metropolitics.

.14 Tech Belt, Regionalization Discussion Continues
In their continued efforts to embrace regionalization and consolidation, the Regional Chamber have planned a summit for all local government officials and employees. The Regional Chamber's Regionalization Summit is scheduled for 8 to …

.15 UK and design
By Ken Jarboe
The initiative, which is being rolled out nationwide this year, is supported by $40 million in funding from England's nine regional development agencies. (The Design Council itself, which is entirely funded by the British government via ...

.16 Intelligence Community Collaborative Plan
By govhelp(govhelp)
The United States Intelligence Community (IC) 500 Day Plan for Integration and Collaboration is now available from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI. As follow-up to the 100 Day Plan and the 100 Day Plan Follow-Up ...

.17 Online Community, Collaboration and Social Networking features of most practical use
By Chief_Apricot
There is no lack of websites offering online community and social networking tools. Some are rudimentary and cumbersome, some are cool and addictive, some are slow to catch on, other are quick to propagate - and quick to fizzle out. ...

.18 Is the Journal Sentinel proposing a trade?
By thoughtfulconservative
Having rebuffed Barrett on this, how amenable do supervisors think the City of Milwaukee is going to be on other matters of regional cooperation, such as water? Well, I don't think it's up to the City of Milwaukee. ...

.19 Just Say Anything
By Mark(Mark)
Why can't Mayor Funkhouser use his bully pulpit to foster regional cooperation right now? How can any of us in the metro area believe in a regional transit plan when our regional transit authority isn't really regional? ...

.20 Digital and Social Cohesion - Regions, sustainable growth and technology
By GrahamAttwell(Conference Blog)
My presentation is on the theme of 'Digital and Social Cohesion - Regions, sustainable growth and technology'. It is focused on knowledge development as a key factor in innovation in regions. "What is important for the production of ...

.21 MAPdataCanada - royalty free data product, SHP format
By Glenn(Glenn)

Avenza systems (Canada) today rolled out a new, royalty free data product - MAPdataCanada is available on CD by individual region or as an entire national set in a single DVD library. Key Features …

.22 Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation - Request for Proposals
By Radu Iliescu(Radu Iliescu)
Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation is inviting proposals from organizations and institutions in the countries of the Wider Black Sea Region on the Trust's three programs:vic participation, cross-border initiatives and east-east cooperation....

.23 Strengthen Regional Cooperation
As in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere, rapprochement between traditional rivals, regional integration, and the development of a cooperative security architecture offer the best hope for a lasting stability in the Persian Gulf. The kernel for this regional security framework already exists: the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which was founded in 1981...

.24 Flawed Science and the Creative Class
By Creative Class Group
It's the kind of thing that gives social science -or should I say regional development scholarship - a bad name. If the authors truly believe in their results, I'd encourage them to engage in an open dialogue of their findings and ...

.25 Oh boy, the Capital Region?
By Christine Harney
When the Capital Region comes to mind, I personally don't get so excited that I jump out of my chair in anticipation. An image of huge business buildings, news shows, industrial space and boring computer geeks comes to mind. ...

.26 Relieve that "Brain drain" pain
By KC Orcutt
The nanotechnology industry has evolved as a major job provider in the region. That fact speaks volumes in itself. People are going to go where the jobs are. If jobs are in the Capital Region, why not move there, settle down and work? ...

13. Announcements and Regional Links

.10 Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Forum - UK

The Regional Forum provides a coherent regional voice for the voluntary and community sector in Yorkshire and the Humber.

It is a member led network of networks with over 165 members. The Forum brings together voluntary and community sector organisations to ensure that the sector has the right support and structures to contribute to regional activity.

The Forum’s work focuses on tackling the disadvantage and disconnection which exist across Yorkshire and the Humber. The Forum believes that by placing the voluntary and community sector at the heart of the region, we can create an inclusive and vibrant region – with a high quality of life for all. The Regional Forum supports, develops and advocates for a VCS that is increasingly...effective, influential, healthy and connected.

.11 4th Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Roundtable - Taking Smart Growth to the Regional Level - 3.0 Region to Region Cooperation - November 9, 2007, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Sponsored by the Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division, American Planning Association and APA Chapters: Delaware, Maryland, National Capital Area, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Hosted by the George Washington Regional Commission and the University of Mary Washington – Geography Department. Keynote Speaker: Parris Glendening, President, Smart Growth Leadership Institute – Leadership for Region to Region Community Cooperation – Smart Growth at the 3.0 Regional Level For information email:

.12 Regional Studies Association Forthcoming Events

a) Winter Conference - Transport, Mobility and Regional Development - Friday 23 November 2007 - London Voluntary Sector Resource Centre - 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA

b) CITY REGIONS: Balancing Growth with Sustainability - Thursday 6th December 2007, University of Manchester, Harwood Room, Barnes Wallis Building, Sackville St.

c) RSA Annual International Conference - Regions: The Dilemmas of Integration and Competition - 27th-29th May 2008 - University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic

Contact Lisa Bibby Larsen at RSA the office on email:


There has been a resurgence of regionalism and of regional development strategies in European countries to support rural development in recent years. FAO has always identified rural development as one of the priorities in fulfilling its mandate to raise levels of nutrition, improve agricultural productivity, better the lives of rural populations and contribute to the growth of the world economy. ...

14. Subscription

.10 So scant a resource, so vital it be pure now, in the future – The Winchester Star, VA, USA

Such a scant percentage helps demonstrate why clean groundwater remains a key concern for local political leaders, citizens, scientists, and government officials.

Many of those people attended the two-day Shenandoah Valley Natural Systems Symposium at Shenandoah University on Monday and Tuesday.

The symposium’s theme, Science for "Taking Care of the Water" plus air and land relationships, brought together the representatives of the U.S. Geological Survey, the Foundation for Earth Science, and the Great Valley Water Science Forum along with the Shenandoah Valley Regional Water Resources Policy Committee and the Shenair Local Government Committee.

The goal of the symposium was to determine a Shenandoah Valley science plan to inform policy makers about natural resources throughout the Shenandoah Valley, representing Frederick, Clarke, Shenandoah, Rockingham, Page, and Augusta counties plus the cities of Winchester, Harrisonburg, Staunton, and Waynesboro in Virginia, and Berkeley and Jefferson counties in West Virginia.

John Staelin, chairman of the Shenandoah Valley Regional Water Resources Policy Committee, said the gathering of officials and the sharing of information was a key result from the symposium.

"You need to know the information you have and also the information you still need to get, " Staelin said on Tuesday evening.

He noted that information then can be used to develop strategies to protect resources and make long-range plans.

Staelin said the USGS’ commitment to the region, including the investment of $1 million, shows how valuable the Shenandoah Valley is on a larger scale.

Jim McNeal, a USGS geologist for the eastern region, said the karst infrastructure in the eastern United States makes discoveries in the Shenandoah Valley all the more valuable because they can be applied from upstate New York down to Tennessee, as conditions are similar.

That similarity, he said, should attract different researchers who want to come to the region, …

ColabWiki: Shenandoah Valley Science

15. Google News for “Regional Community”

Other menu sections available from this link include: regions, regional, regional community, region, Regional Council, regional development and other search terms. They can be sorted by date or relevance. These are among the 50 search terms I use to produce this newsletter.

My name is Tom Christoffel. I've worked in the field of intergovernmental cooperation since 1973. As a consequence, "I see regions work." Regional Community Development News is published weekly based on news reports as of Wednesday.

Making visible analysis and actions at multi-jurisdictional regional scales is its purpose. "Think globally, act locally" was innovative in its time. Today the local scale is often too small to address today's needs and opportunities. "Think local planet, act regionally, " is my candidate paradigm. (No one said we're only allowed one paradigm.)

We can see that “regional communities” are organized locally and now act both to avoid tragedy in the commons and gain benefits. An effective multi-jurisdictional regional community has DNA: it is geographically Defined; has a common Name and its Alignment is inclusive of smaller communities and participatory in larger communities. So, by scanning this compilation, reading articles and checking organizations - you too will be able to see the regional communities that already exist.

News references are found using the Google News search service. Media article links are “fair use” to transform globally scattered reports to make regional approaches visible. Links go to the publisher and do not compete with it. Such publishers are likely to have related stories and thus be seen by new customers. “Regional” is an emerging news category. There is no charge for this service and no profit is made from its use, though any user can become more aware of the topic itself.

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