Stanford Spiritual Research Study - Opportunity to Participate

     What does spirituality have to do with community motive? One's attitudes towards cooperation may be based on logic, necessity and/or a sense of spiritual community from formal religious training, philosophical study or a sense of connection to and through nature, or ... .

     Community motive, a personal responsibility to a greater community, may be learned in the home, through civic education and as part of exposure to religious education. Knowing and following social rules is valued for its contribution to community stability, safety and security. All very practical, but the experience of a spiritual connection adds a knowing grace that individuals seek. 

     As a member of GORABS - The Geography of Religions and Belief Systems Specialty Group  of the American Association of Geographers - I'm on the Geographies of Religion email list and received this survey request. 


Stanford Spiritual Research Study

Hi everyone,

Have you had a spiritual experience that you would be interested in sharing?

We are seeking to understand the ways in which people experience divinity and the supernatural around the world.  
If you have been conscious of, and perhaps influenced by, some power, whether you would call it the effect of God or not, we would be grateful if you could:

1.  Write out a simple and brief account of these feelings and their effects—a deep sense of awe or wonder, a voice or vision, a profound sense of presence, or whatever way in which divinity or the supernatural became apparent to you.

2.  You should include particulars of:
      - age, 
      - gender, 
      - nationality, 
      - religious upbringing and 
      - current practice

Either send them to, or mail them to

The Director, Spiritual Curiosity and the Experience of God, Department of Anthropology, Building 50, Stanford University, 
Stanford CA 94305.

IRB # 36980
Approved: 04/03/2017-02/28/2019
PI: Tanya Luhrmann, PhD, Anthropology

Thank you everyone!



Please feel free to respond, or share with friends, colleagues, or other communities – or provide your insight about spaces where I might be able to find interested individuals.

The painting is: "Hesiod Listening to the Inspiration of the Muse" by Edmond-François Aman-Jean - France, circa 1890 - Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Collection. Angelic beings seem to be a feature of most spiritual traditions.